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    We accept you as you are if you accept yourself as you are.

We accept you as you are, if you accept yourself as you are.
We can help you change.

Why chose Solano care?
• We commit ourself to providing quality individualized care
• We understand the sensitive nature of your condition
• We do not stigmatize addiction
• We work with other people and organizations who work for the benefit of the patients we serve
• We assist individuals to improve their wellbeing and also improve the wellbeing of our community
• We provide Compassionate judgement free care
We use evidence based approach to care for our patients
Our Physician is Board Certified in Addiction Medicine



If You're Ready to....

• Stop using Opiates

Start Medications assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid dependence

• Get a handle on your dependence or addiction to opiates

• Achieve your goals

• Start enjoying life again

…Then schedule an appointment!


As professional help is needed to get you out of the cycle of abusing opiates.


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